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NY Public Art offers two-hour-long tours in the Midtown district of Manhattan. Walking from Fifth Avenue to Times Square, this tour is an opportunity to discover an alternate narrative of the New York art scene, one filled with history and passion of the city’s very own streets. New York is filled with unexpected treasures, incredible public artworks by world-renowned artists are hidden away in spots you could never imagine! During this unique tour, participants will get to take part in our Public Art Projects. Yes, each one you will be invited to leave a mark on the NYC art scene.

Tours are hosted by Udi Urman.


Stay tuned for more upcoming tours that will be available in NYC’s Downtown area as well as the Subway Public Art Tour.


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OY/YO by Deborah Kass.

Photo by Daniel Oakfield/

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New York City’s greatest

museum is its very own streets.

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